Graphic Type
Menu Book Cover

$ 33.00

With the design that matches the image of the shop ,pictures of the bill board menu etc whole.
Menu Book can be designed freely and a completely original Menu Book cover can be prepared.
The sufarce is PPcoated for with standing tear ,dirt and wetness,binding process can be selected among 4 types of binding,freedom of size and we correspond on even small lots.


    • Screw

      Binding preferance suitable at the case of many pages.It is required to make a hole while replacing inner pages.

    • Rail

      Binding preferance suitable at the case of replacement of inner pages is often.The replacement can be done easily by just sliding the inner page from the rail of cover.

    • Clip

      Optimal Binding preferance suitable to attract the customers.
      Using the set of 4 inner plastic pockets for inner pages is general for this type.

    • Eyelet

      Binding preferance fixed by connecting with a string.
      This type is suitable for the set of 4 pages and perfect for the Japanese and Chinese Style restaurants.


    • Black

    • Red

    • Silver

    • Orange

    • Brown

    • Cream

    Paper pasted in the inner side of cover can be choosen from the above 6 colors.
    Please specify while placing your order.


    • Varnish Processing

      You can make a menu book cover of your originality by giving a varnishing process of sensation and texture to the Graphic type of menu book with your favourite design & logo.
      *Varnishing cannot be done in the bent parts.

    • Triangle Corners

      Attachment of the semi transparent PVC triangle pocket in the inner corners of the cover.This is suitable if you need to replace the recommended menu everyday.
      *Please specify locations 4 or 8 while placing your order.

    • Corner Metal Brackets

      It is ideal for protecting the corners of the menu cover (4 locations),it protects menu book avoiding the damage and collapse of the corners.
      *Only silver is available.