Message from the President !

  • Thank you for using Menu Book Expert.
    The predecessor of CRM Co.,Ltd was Matsumura Printing Co.,Ltd founded by my grandfather in 1948 A.D.Mainly doing the government official work as a main we have been able to be engaged in printing industry.
    With the 5 years experience as a salary man after my graduation i joined Matsumura Co.,ltd in 2002 A.D.when my father was the president of this company.
    After 4 months of joining, in order to challenge works other than that of government official works ,with the introduction of digital printing machine and large inkjet printers and I established CRM Co.,Ltd.
    Launched by only one person and with the start of having customers and employees and support of many people we started developing and among them having large number of customers from restaurant business field , we started helping in sales promotion of our customers by developing many tools and menu book used for the sales promotion of restaurant.
    In September 2010 A.D. we launched MenuBook Production Workshop with a service of producing cover of menubook in small lots and originality.
    In the beginning of start-up we had been responding with ingenuity to the needs '' of customized menu book "and ''possibility of creating small lots`` and as a result with huge appreciation from the owners of restaurants and the designers ,we have been successful to create menu book cover of more than 900 stores over country,which I really apperciate.
    The menu book cover we provide is made carefully with our experienced craftsmen with a qualitative finishing.Repeating research and development regarding the material and the shape we have been persuing the new one everyday.
    It is also said that Menu book is ''The face of restaurant''and we believe only a glance of menubook plays vital role to convey the strength of restaurant and billboard menu to customers. There will definitely be the difference in shape and material as per the concept of restaurant so we stand by our customers and think to propose the best menu book.
    We have the management philosophy " Speed and Innovation ".In this management philosophy ,without forgetting the basic stance of "think about the customers of our customers " we hope for promotion of our customers through menu production.
    Looking forward for the eternal relationship in the future.

    Menu Book Expert Operating Company
    CRM Co.,Ltd
    Yusuke Matsumura


Trade Name Menu Book Expert
Company Name CRM Co., Ltd
2-805 Ueda-Minami Tenpaku -ku ,Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture ,Japan
TEL: +81-52-805-5611 FAX:+81-52-805-620
Tokyo Office
3-24-14 Tokyo Tou Meguro-Ku ,Meguro Coporasu 610 Tokyo , Japan
TEL:+81-36-412-7870 FAX:+81-36-412-7871
Establishment 1948 A.D.
Capital 20,000,000YEN
Business Detail Promotional Support , Menu Book Production,
Web service.Video production
Number of employees 25